Direct Hire

BCG Permanent Hire
Through our Telecommunications and IT Direct placement recruiting  services, BCG assumes all responsibility for recruiting and screening candidates so you can focus on your business. By working with BCG, you rely on professional recruiters with access to a range of recruiting resources to select the perfect employee. Companies rely on direct placement options to increase staff for project-based work, and to grow and replenish their workforce.
  • Our recruiters have years of experience both working in the IT & Telecom Industry, as well as recruiting in it.
  • Our screening and retention process takes the stress out of hiring. We do the legwork, sourcing and vetting candidates so our clients can focus on a on picking from a small, focused group of resumes,to find the best candidate for their environment.
  • Our active and passive recruiting process includes networking, referrals and online application.

Why BCG?

Seasoned industry recruiters.
Extensive Talent Pool
Fair rates